How I Discovered Sewing: I started sewing in Dec 2014, after suffering from a blood clot to the brain (stroke) in July 2014.  My mother-in-law-to-be taught me how to sew as part of my recovery.  She is a sewing master, and I was thrilled to learn from her.  Even though I am new, I am hooked!

My Body: I have athletic, muscular frame. Store bought pants and jeans are especially problematic for me. I am on a quest to lose fat and gain muscle, without losing my feminine shape.  I also have a fitness blog, which I have had since 2006.  I want to modify commercial patterns to fit me.  As my body changes, I want take-in clothes that are too big for me.
My Style: I love vintage dresses, skirts, and workout clothes. I love spring dresses that are pretty and figure flattering.

My Mission:  To create a wardrobe for spring and summer, with quality and pride, and gain sewing skills.

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