Friday, February 6, 2015

Project: Simplicity 2083 Child's Skirt

Simplicity 2083 - Child's Skirt
Purpose: I am working on a skirt for Valentine's Day for my niece.
Alterations: I didn't like the flower or the rick rack.  So I didn't include them. The instructions were so confusing, true to form. 
Thursday, Feb 5, 2015 -  
a. I prepped the pattern. I cut all the pieces, ironed them, and divided up the pieces according to view.  I chose to make view A; I preserved the view B pieces in a sandwich bag.  I cut the pattern out. In retrospect, I bought too much fabric (almost double).  I was pretty proud about cutting the notches. My technique is to cut a rectangle around the notches.
b. I stay-stitched the waist around the pattern pieces.  Luckily, I watched a video showing how to stay-stitch. I was about to sew the front and back pieces, but I realized that you were supposed to stay-stitch them individually.  I back-stitched for permanency.
Friday, Feb 6, 2015 -
a. I decided to make the skirt smaller.  Originally, I cut it at size 6, so she could wear it longer.  At Christmas, her measurements were at a size 5, but I measured the waist around her belly button.  So, I cut the fabric according to the size 5 pattern.
b. I sewed the front and back side seams.
Saturday, Feb 7, 2015 -
a. I sewed the elastic casing.
b. I sewed the elastic casing to the skirt. I trimmed the seam allowance for the casing.
c. I sewed a 1" hem around the bottom of the skirt.
d. I threaded the elastic through the casing. 
e. I hand-sewed the hole shut. 
I forgot to pre-shrink the fabric, so I washed it and checked for any shrinking. 

I am pretty proud of my work!

Finished Skirt
Cute Model!!

I found this video immensely helpful for this project.  I referenced it to make the casing, attach the casing, and the helpful hints about trimming and iron the seams.

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